Monday, May 12, 2008

Good to be back, but ...

...looking forward to going camping at HITW.
More than recent years, the bunny population
has increased to great numbers and they have
taken over the back hill at camp. They didn't
seem too bashful to play in the dead leaves
while I watched and took vid's.
There must've been at least 6 of them in
one game of chase that lasted for an hour.
I would think that hunting would be in order,
but it would take at least 3 of the little hares
to make a sammich. They're too cute to
eat, anyway.

In other news, the water is receding at a rapid pace.
The fire pit stood in 2 inches of water on Friday
evening, and had drained to 5 feet away by
Sunday morning. No doubt that the base of the
pit will be solid in 2 weeks for the gathering
of the clans.

I WOULD like to brag that I was the first to camp
at HITW for the season, so when everyone shows
up before me for Memorial Day camping, I can
hold my jealousy ! (POO-POO-NANNY!)

ps - it's good to see SOMEONE blogs besides me.
That takes a magnificent weight off my shoulders -
considering my Mom is getting bored with the
rest of you slackers!

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Stan said...

I can attest tothe fact that the Alpha Wolf was the first to be in camp atthe HITW, despite the Eagle Clan extending him hospitality to stay in the comforts of their nest, with coffee and and a bed. Altho, most surely feel that he sat around the fire pit and comtemplated the majority of the time, but he was very productive during his brief stay. Roughly, six hundred feet of water line was acquired and laid for the final draining process and on Sunday morning, he spent some quality time with his mother in law and they untangled the jig saw puzzle of the cook tent and errected a tenporary tent over the floor area. Upon completion, the trash pile exceeded the salvageable pile. We now can see what we have to work with, had a little rain last night which set us back in the drying process but we will get there. It is much better than one week ago. I can also attest to the bunnies, there aree so many bunnies all over the area including the lawn at the Eagle Nest. While taking coffee on the deck this morning, Dutch and I heard picked up the distinct sound of Butch or Sundance at the HITW so they must be back for hte spring as well as the magpies. All signs point to the great season. In the event I was wondering, yes, I was on site supervising on Sunday to insure that things got done and to continue to make a mental list of things to do in ghe next two weeks. All will be happy to know that Sneaky Snake made it through the winter and now sunning himself on the rocks, appeared he lived on dirt to survive the winter. The flowers inthe bnoot should do well this summer, the moose that made the gazebo his home this winter, did a good job in depositing fertilizer in the boot. All is well andf will only get better. The flag will rise this week.

Stan said...

Yep, it is spring, I fugure after watching your video we will have baby rabbits in just a few weeks.

j, d plumma said...

It would be excellent hunting if there was enough meat on them to chew. I told G'Pa that it would take 3 of them to make a sammich and he replied, "They go a lot farther if you don't skin 'em."

It's hard for a wolf to resist.

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