Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The pit is soon ready for dwellers

Wet as it may seem, the soggy, half-burnt
wood called for action as "Pagoda Lake"
receded steadily due to global warming.

Even with the fire pit in 2" of water,
the flames were persistent to use what fuel
I gave it. If you listen close, you can hear
it telling stories of last year's gathering.

The kitchen tent proved a large project
in itself. Thankfully, the Eagles swooped
down in the AM to assist in the project.
A Wolf is stubborn enough to tackle this
alone, but the help of Eagles was greatly
appreciated at sun-up.

A lot was discovered when uncovering the
kitchen mess. A new glacier!
We even found fossils!

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Only Da Plumma would be up in the middle of the night starting a fire and salvaging the cook tent. The fire was tyalking, who inthe hell enbedded firecrackers into the firewood? Yeh, I think the water line is frozen leading to the faucet, good think the line was pex garden hose! Good job, appreciated your effort, it was one that we were not looking forward to.

Golden Granny said...

Thanks Papa Wolf for starting the process. Camp looks alot better and I now have hope we won't be camping in my yard come the big "weekend". (Which, by the way, I wouldn't turn down that option if it were necessary!)

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