Monday, March 03, 2008

There's still time to chill

Winters come and winters go.
Each one seems unique, you know?
Some freeze hard and some have snow.
And some just seem to go so slow.

Our winter, lately, has been nice.
Much fun we have upon our ice.
Kids play and squeak like little mice
on top our slab without a price.

There's lots of good ice games to play.
I don't wish winter to go away.
And if we don't like it for today,
we might get more of it come May.

Keep your wits and patience, too.
For winter season, still, doth stew.
Enjoy this time as I like to do.
Winters this nice are very few.

It's alright - dream of summer moon
and wish for warmth to be here soon.
I like the warm, too - not a buffoon!
I'll be in shorts come early June!

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Stan said...

Great moon shot! I guess I should look up more often, I did not realize that we wre under a full moon phase. Time passes so quickly, seems like just last week we were in the fullmoon cycle. I do have to give you credit, you built a nice rink, even I during my brief stop over had to walk across it several times times and take a short slide in my tenny runners.

HOMER said...

nice poem and I posted

Stan said...

I will verify that, he did post, the Buf is awake!

Stan said...

I forgot to tell you, had coffee with friends yesterday. They called and reminded us to bring our apetite. Upon their stove was a huge pot of "KING CRAB" simmering. Two helpings, (four legs)did not want to appear like a pig so I begged off any additional crab, however, they fixed me a "bag to go", was forced to have KING CRAB for dinner tonight - left overs that I really did not mind. It was so good!

j, d plumma said...

I have a friend with seafood, also. I MIGHT save a salmon brat for you...NAW!

Stan said...

Boy, your day job is really cutting into your Blog time - perhaps since you have a lap top in the family, it should become part of your tool kit! During your tenure of working nights, you were blogging a half dozen times per day, well at least once but they were long bordering on verbose.

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