Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back on daze

I think I was so excited about losing the night position
that the transition went fairly smooth. My mind
set easy on the fact of not working Saturday so
I would have all weekend to "adjust" my clock.

Serious manual labor and a longer than usual day
made me a zombie by 5 PM, but I think I like it.
Like a good buzz without the chemicals.
Still had a burst of energy around 10 PM and fought
it like a champ to be in bed by just after midnight.
"Fought" meaning a few good beers and a hoagie
sandwich at 11:30 absorbed the remainder of my
"second" first wind and I was snoring like a 2-stroke
without a kill switch. This morning's mocha tastes
exceptionally good.

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Stan said...

Glad to hear that you were able to adapt to sunlight and a normal work routine, but you should really try the 9 - 5 routine, now that is a day job! I am sure the hoagie had alot to do with your restful sleep, was it a turkey hoagie? With the weekend off, you may want to sit on the back porch and create an "action plan" in plumbing terms as to what you are going to do with an excess of 6,000 gallons of water come thawing time. While there, I did notice that your neighbors were hauling in sand bags to block the retreat of your winter work.

Shana said...

dad did not capped the pipe!! Good cap job!

Stan said...

What do you mean I did not notice the cap, suggest that you re-read the comment sections. Dad's notice everything!

Shana said...

hehe...he is kinda nosy get away with anything where he is concerned...

j, d plumma said...

Yes, he's pretty shrewd - that one!

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