Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thanks to the Bear clan

Some growlers
made their way
North to LA
on Christ-
mas - in many different
flavors of brewed delight.
I think the idea was that the
Homer brew(s) would be enjoyed
on New Year's Eve, but it will be hard
to resist the porter I made it home with on
Christmas night. There are quite a few brew-
eries in LA that will fill any growler presented -
as well as sell growlers with their name on the
glass - but they are not from the little "Hamlet
by the sea" that I grew up in. Memories might
just make the beer taste that much better, ya
know? If, by chance, the porter ends up in my
belly before New Year's Eve, it's due to the
simple fact that I really like beer - in many
different flavors - and could not resist open-
ing a porter from my home town.The growler
(along with the other 3 bottles in my possession)
will be presented full when it is time to have a
cool brew with the Buffalo, Woodpecker, and
friends - even if it is not from Homer. Looking
forward to a brew night sponsored by the Bear
clan of Homer. Once again, Bears, thanks for
the growlers. It is relatively inexpensive to have
the bottles filled at a local micro brewery and
there are a lot of flavors to choose from in LA.

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

That is what happened to my brews, I am sure that you took them just to protect them for me. Bet you guys are playing in the snow, a slow blogging weekend. Had guests from LA with lady eagles parents over for dinner last night.

j, d plumma said...

lucky dog! miss the company down south, and would trade all the growlers for it.
and - yes, we (K and I)played in the snow yesterday.

Shana said...

he drank the beer!! thats okay it was dark anyway...and he obviously knows where to refill so his challange will be to find a beer I might like...much cheaper than crown and coke...hehe...easier on the tummy too....

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