Sunday, December 30, 2007

IF it really is almost 2008,.....

It is?

Hard to believe, isn't it? It seems as if Christmas,
'06 was just last week. I (as well as the rest of the house)
do have new toys to prove '07 Christmas' worth, though.
It, simply, MUST be 2008.
Looking back through the year
I realize there was a lot of things I meant to do, and never
did, quite a few people I meant to spend more time with,
and plenty of things that had to be done and were not
expected. The unexpected things can keep us frantic
from time to time, but most of any time spent -
looking back - has enabled us to learn what
we would not have known, expand our
limits and capabilities, consider what
potential may lie ahead, and realize
that we can't really see what is
around life's next corner, but
live each day to our best
and look forward to enjoying
life as I enjoy looking back at the
big picture. With everyone we know
and love as a cast, it really is a good show.
And so:

Here’s to you and yours,
And to mine and ours,
And if mine and ours ever come
Across you and yours,
I hope you and yours will do
As much for mine and ours,
As mine and ours would do
For you and yours!

an Old Irish Toast

2 opinionated prattle:

Shana said...

I like that ya cant remember it memorial weekend...

Stan said...

How much time do you spend arranging your words into the artisitc forms as they appear on your site? I had to take a look at the calendar while reading your posting, did not realize that New Year's Eve is tomorrow. Time does slip by rapidly, especially when you are as busy as I. All most on a daily basis I have ask what day of the week it is. The only time I know what day of the month it is that on the 1st day of the month my Navy retirement check is deposited to the account and on the 3rd Wednesday my social security is deposited. Those are the only days that I keep track of, exccept for birthdays, anniversaries, Chistmas, Thanksgiving, Mememorial Day weekend, first day of King Salmon season, and July 4th. Oh, in case I forget, Happy Birthday.

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