Monday, December 31, 2007

Summer waits

Late morning sun is shining down
on birch that wait to leaf,
reminding, maybe, growth will come
for now, no hint of grief.
Winter keeps them still at heart
with patience pure and sweet,
'til seen ag'in - a warm, soft wind
and grass beneath their feet.
Mighty life will sprout up high
on nearly every hand.
Displays of green point to the sky
to view across the land.
They will show their gratitude
through summer's sunny plate
and tell us secrets from the breeze-
'til then, we calmly wait.

"Summer waits"
john r mclay

We can hold on to frivolous things while we quickly
move into a new year - waiting for summer.
On top of my list is a warm, fresh mocha
and some of the finest dark chocolate
adds to the pleasure of making it.
Thanks, Mom. I'll save you
some for a hot chocolate

Have a safe and peaceful New
Year's Eve to all and may the best
thing you've seen
in the last year be the worst
you see this next.

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Stan said...

Seeing a combination of birch trees and 71% pure chocolate reminds me of an old Indian remedy, did you know if you drink to much chocolate and develop a headache, all you need to do is to go out to the old birch tree, peel off a nice chunk of bark and chew it. It also works for alcohol induced headaches. Not that you may need it right now, but come daylight tmorrow morning, you may want to act like a beaver and eat the entire tree.

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