Saturday, November 24, 2007

There IS still hope for winter?...

D called this her "swamp" in September. It has been through the same
freeze/thaw cycle the yard has. It seems to have known of this mid-
winter "growth" cycle approaching and has finished going to
seed - after Thanksgiving. I think a couple of worms still
live there, as well. Note the root system(s) vibrancy.

The "ice rink" from atop the roof. As you can see, There will be
ample room to play games, skate, etc. (if it gets to freeze).
With all else failing, I'm ordering catalytic converters for
the lawn mowers, chainsaw, and snowblower to do my
part in curbing global warming. At least the car does
not need plugged in while it is above 20*. That should help
keep the temperature down until we have a rink. It wasn't until
this time, last year, when I started the ice rink - probably a much
better idea. Now, I have to wait for it to start before I can start construction, again.

The remaining snow, in the yard. D made these snowballs the previous
day. Now, they are the reminder that winter is still upon us - regardless of
the "palm tree" talk that is going around LA like a wildfire. This winter has
a lot of people speaking of global warming and believing they can make a
change....I always have to be the one to say, "Don't throw the parkas out,
yet, for we know not what the next decade brings.". Boy, I get some funny
looks - like they think I'm crazy?!

We did get a light skiff last night, and flakes are falling as I write.
The temp is a bit warm for the "keeper", or, sledding kind of
snow that could aide in winter fun, but it looks good. There
might be hope, yet. For now, maybe a hovercraft will
keep myself from mischief of one kind, and another.

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Stan said...

A small, weak low pressure over your area as we speak, however, it will decline as a high is right behnd it, look for a few days of clear weather and freezing temps at night, however, this trend is short lived as a big low is not moving in our direction and we should feel the effect by Monday, NLT Tuesday morning. Get the hoses and shovels ready to go to work.

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