Saturday, November 17, 2007

My dream to be top "Geek Dad"

Wired science puts GeekDad: UFO on channel 7, today.

This is the best use of a leaf blower I've seen, yet.
They also have an interesting story about chemistry sets
that might have been the training grounds for today's bombers...
I don't remember having a chemistry set. An electronics set - yes.
Maybe I missed out on all the fun chemicals can provide (in an
entertainment kind of way). That might account for my addiction to
coffee? right?
Some have tried experiments that failed - due to wrong information,
I'm sure - and not knowing enough about chemicals. Not even
knowing enough about mixing dangerous chemicals, I can find all
the information I need for most anything. This year, I will burn
a green fire in our fire pit - after the steaks are done, of course -
for a festive Christmas season ice rink fire. Actually, the flames
could be one of many colors if you've got the right stuff.
(hint for those that acquire some for the HITWRA fire pit)

I still want to make a hovercraft...

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Stan said...

You never had a chemistry kit as a child? Now if memory serves me right, you have told me a number of stories of yourself and sibling brothers constructing a variety of homemade fireworks and/or small bombs strong enough to split trees and create crators - sounds to me like youhad access to a lot of che3micals, or at least your fahter's and grqndfathers stash of gun powder - oh, maybe mothers are not suppose to know this!

mom said...

There was a reason that you boys didn't get a chemistry set, you always created enough damage without one. And I know all about your exploding devices.
Love ya anyway!

JD Plumma said...

surprised we didn't blow any fingers off or set the mountain on fire?

me too...

JD Plumma said...

but, the colored flames are COOL, no?

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