Sunday, November 25, 2007

In for some dark day experiments at home?

Some of us are always thinking
about ways to spend "excess" energy and time
(regardless of the productive chores and projects that could
be finished and takencare of in the same time - or less). Truth
told, I just can't help being interested in out of the ordinary stuff
that can be done for mere
pennies with stuff most of
us already have at home. Even when an experiment goes wrong,
I would
consider it a good use of time when something is learned... and, no
one gets hurt. Just don't cut into blogging time.

My favorite, today, is a homopolar motor.
Safe to build and fun to watch. Total cost? 50 cents?

Very simple and cheap, cool ideas can expand from this device.
Other motors have been designed from magnets that could,
possibly, make cheap or free energy for propulsion or
travel. The more time-consuming, complicated
projects are better saved for the end of January (or so) to
beat cabin fever. It will, also, allow more time to collect materials.

Already got CF(cabin fever) and too much creative energy? try
a breath-powered USB charger. (complex)

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Stan said...
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Stan said...

That was me, I did not proof read and I know how close you watch these thngs. You do have way to much time on your hands and an excessive amount of energy. Isn't there something more that you could do to put that time to better use, like fine tune your new furnace or perhaps re-plumb your hot tub. As for me,what little spare time I have, I utilize it to watch football games.

Stan said...

P.S. Just took a look at thee ole Dobbler, another big ugly low moving into the area laden with moisture, primarily in the form of of rain coming out of the south Pacific. Might want to consider re-arranging things inthe back yard and convet the ice rink into a swimming pool.

j, d plumma said...

Already got the float toys out - way ahead of the game! Freezing rain would be the only thing hindering the pool idea - it's likely to freeze up like an ice rink...

Anonymous said...

damn thing would not let me log on!! Sorry this in Anonymous...I just wanted to say...Your Crazy! I have no idea how you come up with these ideas...but keep it up...I am learning new things and you are doing all the work. thanks...Shana

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