Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maybe I should see if it works?

The old ME tower is starting to look
like good parts on the shelf. There
are simple devices - like USB
chargers - that can be made out
of certain pieces of the internal
components found inoperable
(most, in my case). The gears
from hard drives
make strong
mechanically operated gadgets.
Other creations go along the

lines of absurd, to en genius.
My old tower still has a good
cd burner drive, but I believe
the hard drive is bad, the sound card is burnt, graphics dead,
yadda, yadda...I think I still have
a good memory card and
two(2) little fans that
actually lspin when power-
ed with appropriate voltage, of course
Regardless of the outcome, I'm sure I
could "waste" some saturday on that
old piece of junk with wires parts
that move, and mechanical and
electr ical pieces that all bite when
touched. Try to remember to be
careful when attempting anything
you've read on this blog
or, any for that matter. All of the
ideas you can find on line
don't have credible

work - only
videos, pictures, and writings
or talk. Let it be known that I would not intentionally give
you false information, "borrowed" pics without linking the
source, or lead you to humiliation in experiment that was,
simply, made up. I am having second thoughts about
tearing the old beast apart for "salvage"...at least until
I see if it, somehow, transmorgrified into a fine-running
piece of equipment (never was - thought it was - never was).

I'm still attached with a cord, but considering gas if I can find
an old leaf blower. The kirby AND portable dewalt vac
together weigh around 30 lbs. We have tested
it in the street on glazed icy
pavement and floated me, too.

Yeah, maybe I'll see if it works, first...
with the tool box ready to open.

4 opinionated prattle:

Heidi said...

hey that's my vacuum!

Stan said...

Hey, I have a got a deal for you. I have 4 or 5 computers, a half dozen printers and two boxes of various computer cables - you should be able to build something! Do you need a 5 1/4" floppy disk drive? Oh, I forgot, I can't give that to you, that is part of my youngest daughters Chrismas present.

Heidi said...

I do not need MORE crap in my garage! some day I may park in it!

Tormen Tagain said...

Dammit I wanna get all creative and abstract and stuff but all I can come up with is a seemingly fitting F*#+ N A Dude! :)

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