Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remember the big berms?

Nice work some did in Ottawa
with a massive berm(some have had issues with these
structures). It seems almost a shame that I
raved over the "tunnel" when SO MUCH more
could have been done with that pile of snow at the top
of our sledding hill, last year.

I KNOW! SSHHH! It's only the last of October.
I'm not really ready for the snow any more than
the next LA'er. Let's look at the brighter points,
shall we?

1. We shouldn't have to put
out any wild fires.

2. The air is much cleaner.
3. I don't have to drive the Alcan Hiway
in the dead of frozenness (as some).

4. Berm carving would be funner than
tennis with cats!

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real eyez said...


Stan said...

I was going to build somethng like this morning while Dutch and I were out looking for ratle snakes, but could not find any snow, evidently it melted in the 75+ degree tempertature. Dutch is slowly learning that one does not pee on a catcus. He did learn yesterday that rabbits run and are great to chase - except the lease does hinder full pursuit.

mom said...

Looking forward to some really neat "tunnels" this winter. Keep us posted.

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