Friday, January 05, 2007

Gotta go sledding!

D and I dug a large enough tunnel through our favorite sledding berm to sit up and sled through. The berm has reached about 8 feet in height (off the pavement). No record snowfall, but with the amount of snow, it only took us about 20 minutes to dig it out. After we went down a few times, the sled trenches were cut deep into the powdery hillside and we had worn/eaten enough to build another hill. For those of you who have sledded our favorite hill - it is in it's prime right now. I know there are other "kids" around the 'hood, but it seems as if they always wait for us to break the hill in (other parents are, usually, not involved). We gladly accept the responsibility and a fresh, untrodden hill is always worth a moment of silence in planning the first run. By the way, sledding isn't even listed in LA's event calendar - we just ASSUME you will figure it out.

Are you ready for some Saturday fun? Bring your board/sled and a shovel and make me procrastinate chores!...

07:53 AM AKST Saturday January 6
Pressure: 29.57" rising (1001.3 mb)
RelHum: 83%
Skies: Cloudy
Winds: Calm

weather by NOAA

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Stan said...

Good show Plumma and Devyn - way to much energy but the tunnel is cool. I am sure all the "hood" kids enjoy your labors, I know the Golden Granny really enjoyed her time on the slopes, she is still telling friends about taking the jump! Next she will want to try to keep up with the girls on the boards. I foresee her rolling skating the beach road come spring. Have fun in the snow - looks like it is going to be around fro awhile - like June!

Stan said...

No football playoff game watching for me today, got another 6 - 8 inches of snow from yesterday and last night to plow. Just checked my little "doppler", looks as if you are getting snow right now in the LA area. We are under a wind and blowing snow advisory so it looks like it is going to be fun time once again - sure glad you are having so much fun in the snow. You know they do not get snow on the beaches of Mexico, just checked the weather and it was a balmy 72 degrees with a light off shore breeze of 3 knots. I could take my snow plow rig down there and just sit on the cabana and watch it rust. They also have Tuna there, my last trip down I had some great fishing for Yellow fin, don't gert much better than Tuna fishing and bikini watching!

Heidi said...

Heath had a thought the other day...lets call INS and get our selves deported...away from all this snow!!!

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