Thursday, January 04, 2007

Let it snow!

No. I'm not building any giant snowmen. We have had to remove enough of it from the driveway and such to hinder a lot of fun-seeking.
The snowthrower has a belt (still good) and I have enough fuel to battle another downfall of the same worthy note.

The difference is seen clearly - comparing the two photos - how much snow we've had since December 7.

Yesterday, it piled up 11" on the pickup by 3pm from just dust at 6am. Some hillside locations got over 20" from the long-winded storm. And now, the cold.

Just for kicks- and with precision instrument.
Mind you, some of the previous snow had been wiped from the tub cover. Zoom in to see the tape. It's been a few years since LA saw this much at one time.

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Stan said...

Hey, you got some snow, we sent as much north as we could spare, we know how critical a heavy snow pack is to your favorite salmon stream, Ship Creek. I know not about you, buty I have had way to much windshield time this winter. But, I do have very nice manicured parking lots and driveways with some huge piles of snow to play on. You, know, if I lived alittle closer, I would plow your driveway for you and then move down tothe end of the street in the neighbors yard. One of these days you and Devyn are going to get caught smuggling snow down there in the back of your pickup. With my plow truck, if I left yet tonight, I may be there in time to catch a ride back with you on Memorial Day Weekend so I guess the Chevy had better stay close to AP and those in LA can do for yourself. What you need is a snowblower! Have fun. Your rink looks good and if you do not shovel the hot tub, by the time it melts you will have enough water to fill it.

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