Sunday, January 07, 2007

The best hill is just a walk away

This is our hill/area on Google Earth. Funny - it doesn't even LOOK snowy from space photos! "Our" dead end road on the right. I can't believe it's not listed.
Better for us to hog it ourselves!

A scary hill ,from below, shouts "SLED ME!".

Talked the wife into taking pics with the new toy - the previous pics are through the outdated Gateway camera (my apologies).

As you can see by the tree-dweller, this hill makes animals out of us. I think most parents in the 'hood are scared to let their kids sled it - or travel across town to go sledding. We say, "try not to break a leg!", and enjoy this free, inviting wonder of Upland Dr. in LA - 2 minutes from home.

Once again, my chores could, quite possibly, be interupted...

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Stan said...

Good morning Heidi, I got here before you - but I know you aere also on line as I have missed you by minutes on otehr sites.

Stan said...

Plumma, got bad news for you - Google Earth is not real time - the reason you see no snow is that the view was taken during the summer - very seldom do you see snow when the trees are in fuill follage and the pavement is bare? Do think we are dumb? What kind of strange little animal is that in the tree? Looks like a squireel but it is to big - perhaps a "pack rat". There is a vast difference in the quality of the two pictures, does the new "toy" also use black and white fiolm or are you restricted to color film? Have you recently tried to get a 35mm slide converted to a print copy? Forget it!

real eyez said...

Can't wait to sled it

JD Plumma said...

The animal isn't a pack rat - it's a messicana!

JD Plumma said...

..and - yes. Sometimes the dumb "thing"...

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