Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just weather - by NOAA

04:53 AM AKST Tuesday January 9
Freezing Fog
Pressure: 30.53" rising (1033.8 mb)
RelHum: 73%
Skies: Mostly cloudy

SE at 3 mph

I'm sure sledding can wait...

Maybe a sledding hill picture search in LA (from the truck) is in order.

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Princess Sarah said...

out in the valley it is -30 today! suckie

Stan said...

Wow, I really appreciate the weather report - did not realize that it was that cold out - I love the cold weather, the sharpness of the air, takes your breath away. I love wearing long under wear, two sets of socks, ear muffs and two sets of gloves - I love jump starting grannies little explorer when it drops to below freezing because that battery is "still good, I only bnought it six years ago". Yep, it is cold - inthe minus 20's, so much for the bananna belt of Alaska symdrome. Itis 81 degrees in Mexico this morning!

JD Plumma said...

and a low of 64* F in Hilo, tonite.

Stan said...

Wow, you gusys have not changed one degree in temperature. When I checked your blog this morning it was -14 and tonight, when I checked on you again it was still minus 14. How do yo0u ever endure, we got up to at least 2 degrees today. Saw a girl in shorts down at the beach. First sign of spring?

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