It has been a "craze", for some time, to put an opinion (or two)
on an internet page for the entire world to hear, read, think of,
and comment to. Some of these "spaces" babble continuously -
spilling the contents of twisted thoughts and silly things that
usually mean very little to facts and events in and around
their/our life or anyone else's that choose to read this prattle.
This IS the U S of A - right!? We DO have freedom of speech.
To realize how many people in the world exercise this right
on a daily basis is astounding - at the least. Freedom of the
press is similar, except more "regulated" to printing
only FACTS - retracting statements made that were false
so as not to slander (or, libel being the correct word to
describe the writings). American English can be a beautiful
language in written form, or, ugly and demeaning -
depending on how it is TAKEN the majority of time -
being the same words written in both cases.
We have become allowing - and supporting - of these
"outbursts"(if you will) and choose to follow and check up on the
pages/opinions that interest our thoughts and spur ideas,
opinions, and writings of our own. Lots of the spaces that I
visit on a regular basis leave my mind wondering and
contemplative of the views expressed and, I believe, more
open to others' opinionated ramblings and feelings.
Regardless of this interest I/we have in others' writings -
as well as what we choose to share as opinion, reality, or
entertainment - should reflect truthfully, as matter of fact,
if our thoughts and opinions are to be taken seriously.
Contrary to the serious note, most of my babblings should
rarely be taken for factual information. If you have not agreed
with whatever I choose to spew on my page, you may comment
with the way you see/reason things in your own light -
and I WILL read them (most being trivial BS - what I
am really looking for in a good read). Some thoughts can make
me ponder new things while others just leave a smile on my
face - knowing that quip of wit was meant to just be silly.
And - thank you, by the way, for giving me a smile from time
to time and making me feel that humor exists in others and
they are seeking for just a smile, as well.
When I start reading a "timely" visited web space/blog and
realize the content is long-winded, aggressive, and somewhat
libel (those with limited vocabulary see definition above), I
question the source and all of the rebuttals involved. It seems
difficult, at that point, to take anything I have read for fact
or truth. This version of posted opinion(s) can leave me
with empty, calloused thoughts of those involved - as well as
not entertained. Opinion is allowed as opinion, but I can
get a "reality" version of this incessant(once again defined
for my VD (vocab-deficient) readers), senseless bickering
at home by saying something like, "Who left the 'fridge
door open and the milk out?". All kinds of excuses and
suppositions may fly before the truth is actually known.
Sometimes I just shut the door without mentioning it -
knowing that my time would be better spent taking care of
other "chores" of mine than 15 minutes of "Yes you did!",
"No I didn't!", "DID TOO!!", "DID NOT!!"...etc.
I would, of course, expect this from time to time
from my children (of human origin), but not the grown-ups
or, "...dolts", as I refer to us continuously. I like to
think that I am really grown up in my state of 38
years of learned knowledge and behavior, but still surprise
myself once in a while. If such issues exist between myself
and another person, I wouldn't be telling you about
my up-played aggravation, but, rather, calling or
confronting the person/issue straight forward and
coming to a thoughtful point of conclusion
(once again, VD). Even if the two parties agree to
stay in disagreement, something has been agreed upon
at that conclusive moment and it hasn't boiled off to
the "How far can you spit?!" attitude with flying word-darts.
This kind of on-line prattle mentioned gives me no
interest in reading - or commenting - so as to use my time
in a non-productive manner. I'll probably do the
dishes instead.For instance; You could have got a lot of things done
in the length of time it took you to read my senseless
prattle, but thanks for visiting.

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JD Plumma said...

I know! Not like I didn't spend enough of my precious time writing this pageload of bs. I, also, have time to comment. And - Yes! The chores ARE getting done.

Shana said...

Great Vocab lesson thanks...I will note some of those and write them three times so I do not
and it only took me 5 min to read and comment on your blog...the dishes are done but the floor needs I am off now....toodles

Shana said...

So thats how the dishes get done when the door gets wonder you went for weiners!!!

final_transit said...

Nice blog.

Just a note: Please do not leech the first image off my server. I would appreciate if you save the image on your server rather than linking to mine. Thanks.
- Priyank

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