Sunday, July 15, 2007

Will we make race day?

With an energetic, smart, and eager crew, it should seem hard to fail the new task of floating ourselves in cardboard to a finish line in good time. We (K and I) have put our heads together to design and build a lake-worthy vessel of "test" form. Although the structure seems to be of adequate strength and size (guessing a 500 lb capacity), it has yet to be "float-tested" to determine maneuverability and buoyancy. With the race close at hand (20th), I fear we did not allow our crew enough time to work out any kinks or flaws.

Being adventurous souls, we may have to take the little beast out for a test run, today. Get the canoe out, Ma! We may be in need of a deep-water rescue! We will, of course, be wearing life vests for the test run. Not that we don't trust our design - it's a matter of safety rules requiring flotation devices for race day. We need to be able to paddle and maneuver while wearing said motion-inhibiting pieces.
With a superbly engineered vessel (and a handful of luck) we might be the owners of a temporary, well-tested, soggy (but worthy) craft design ready to duplicate for race day. If all goes well, I may post a preview of the winning boat design - not to tip off the competition, mind you. The plans will stay in an undisclosed location 'til race day. If, by chance, the vessel drags us down to the bottom of a pike-infested lake for a tomb, our boat
design(s) will be posted with John Denver's home-built aircraft plans to leave such a great
engineering feat to be marveled by society (or just display another giant pig).

Wish us luck.

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Kiana said...

That's so funny. I really want to come in and see, so what time is it and where?

Shana said...

you realy did it...I am impressed...I will be on shore cheering your crew on...

JD Plumma said...

I believe it's this friday, the 20th, between 1 and 5 PM - Goose Lake

RangerBill said...

I think I detected your leak just under the duct tape. I am really disappointed you did not use a blue tarp somehow. Try silicone spray. More flotation(balloons perhaps)

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