Monday, July 16, 2007

by golly, it floats!

Are we ready for the race at Goose Lake on the 20th?
First, a new craft...

We adjusted a few things, added layers to the inside of the hull,
and loaded our water tomb into the work truck - canoe hanging
on the fold-out racks on the side - and headed for a local lake
close by where all we would disturb are spoiled geese, sunday
sitters, and pike smolt.

Of course, we knew we had only one float in ANY boat made of cardboard.
We determined to work out the flaws with our test boat that weighed in
around 80 lbs. dry. Turned out to be about 300 lbs. wet. We got about 30
minutes of float out of her which, i believe, would be adequate time to
complete any race held for such vessels of pristine modesty.
The design will adopt a few changes for the final race day watercraft
but did very well in overall stability and buoyancy.

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Shana said...

the young lady working so hard with that paddle...ya know the one you dug out of the lake?...Is she not also the one with pneumonia???
Great job on the money will be on the wolf clan on the 20th....Buffies and Peckers...alnog with moose...have not figured out how to float rainier boxes....

Stan said...

I can see the excitement inthe eyes of your crew! Perhaps, more like a question, "Who is going to go first? Great looking boat, the hull lines look very similar to the Mayflower. Perhpas, you should install a "cooking timer" inside the cockpit so the crew will have a count down clock letting them know how much floatable time they have remaining before the abandon ship drills. Looks like everyone is having a good time in the construction and testing. Perhaps a submarine design is a concept - carpet tubes could also be used as floation supports strapped to the sides as pontoons or outriggers.

JD Plumma said...

lots of creative ides come to mind about tubes from carpet, etc. but the rules are very specific about materials/fastening.

trying to clip a video of us into the post....

Stan said...

A great video, the girls did a great job, their support vessel did o.k. at first but closer to the sinking, it seemed to be a little off course for a quick reesuce. Good job guys, good luck on race day.

Kiana said...

That was a great video, I can't wait to come see on Friday!

JD Plumma said...

I just got times from a lady with parks & recreation. Registration is at noon - Goose Lake - and the kids race(s) will be from 1 - 2:30(or so) PM, Friday, 20th. Adult/family races are directly afterwards 'til 5 PM. Wouldn't mind seeing you (friends/family) there, but, will surely get a few video clips and pics.

Snow1 said...

what a dumb time to have a race, there are working people in the world who enjoy the foolishness of these things. I expect video and will be arriving to join the muggle party around 10:30 ish

JD Plumma said...

Oh, right - the muggle party....anyhoo, it DOES suck for any working parent - the parks/rec. planning. It's kind of oriented for stay-at-home-people that need to get out. I just happen to be taking 1/2 of friday off to be present and cheer my crew on. Sharp crew, by the way.

FishTaxi said...

Thanks for the video JD! and the pictures.

What a crew you got there. a boat that don't float is better than no boat at all!

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