Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New boat - similar design

We hope to have figured out the minor flaws in our previous boat and have
made the changes we felt necessary to improve performance. Being a
longer, narrowed, shallower hull it should be more controllable by
paddle and have better speed and balance. We have a few things left
to do on the new craft, but should be ready for race day. After floating
the first, the racing team is eager (at the least) to see how the vessel
will perform at top speed. The only issue is a ONE-TIME float...

After all this, we may build one and coat it for recreational purposes
rather than business, or, I've been looking at one-sheet (plywood) boat
designs on line rated for 1,000 lb capacity and would like to pursue
that option being the canoe has a 1/4" hole right in the middle of it.
The canoe happens to be the rescue vessel for our experiments. Who
will rescue me - the cardboard!? It had BETTER be fast...

Suggestion/recommendation : Don't drag a canoe with 1/2 a ton in
it for 3 miles through the woods. Very abusive behavior - for the
boat as well as the towing crew

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Tormen Tagain said...

There you go. The ribs should help. Sooo, this is a pleasure craft?

Sorry, I couldn't help myself and now I'm going to click this right now to make it permanent........Ok,right now I'm going to click this......ok right now I'm going to

Tormen Tagain said...

Sheese, sometimes I'm such a damned train wreck.

Heidi said...

This will be the real one, the race starts Friday at 1pm...johns even taking the day off!

Stan said...

Good looking boat- that cardboard is heavy enough that it could be used for roofing material on the gazebo! The interior support structure should at least give you a few more minutes of float time. Have we determined a name for it yet? Titanic comes to mind.

Shana said...

I will be at race day....with my cheer squad!!

RangerBill said...

Not Titanic, I am thinking-
Andrea Doria. Maybe Walmart will buy up your design and start selling these cardboard one time voyage craft through their finer stores. Just think making boats from fine dunnage(yeah cardboard is dunnage too).

RangerBill said...

Maybe Hallmark could produce these
paperboard watercraft.

JD Plumma said...

Dunnage?! I'm building an addition on the house!

Stan said...

Good Luck to all of you today, anxiousoy awaiting the results!

FishTaxi said...


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