Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life is normal

K and cousin managed to pick up a side job last weekend and
made $20 each as painters. They did an excellent job. We may
have to paint the driveway white, now, and I'm still fishing paint
chips from the tub drain, but it was a good learning experience.
We've enjoyed her stay and will be sad to see her go.

Another note ; the apples are putting on weight for a fall feast.
Although the grafts didn't take, the 7 ft. tree holds a lot of fruit.

Two weeks growth difference between the pics.

Thank to the sis, I have a 20 gal aquarium for the feeders, now.
Although feeders don't seem to care for the extra space (being
short-lived creatures, and all) the "police" of the tank are
enjoying room to move about and will, probably, show
growth over it. The angel, peppered loach, 2 chinese algae
eaters, and 2 giant danios have permanent positions
as babysitters to the "troops" of guppies, minnows, and danios
that belong to the bellies in my 55 gal.

There is, now, about a week til Heidi's birthday to plan something
for her. The boat race is the 20th - one day later. Maybe a good b-day
present would be to give her the helm of our race vessel to maneuver
our way to racing victory....then again, maybe not.

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Shana said...

Okay she got you a you two could do "something" together...that is a hint dude.
But if you can not think of anything is an idea...
You get her "his and her" waders, rods, and tackle...maybe float tubes...then you have "his and her" things to do!
damn it the cats barfffing gottta goooo

Stan said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up on the birthday, could have missed that one. Can't beleive that she is pushing the high 40! July seems to be an extremely heavy month for birthdays in our family, almost as bad as February! Now that you have expanded your holding tanks, I think I can perhaps acquire some "pike" for your collection. I inderstand they survive very well and grow rapidly when there is a good food supply. During the summer, how about an outside "garden pond", all of the "goldie fish" will survive in those tanks, that would look neat. Additional advantage, Barly and the Weiners would have a place to get water so you would never have to worry about their welfare of watering them. Perhaps, the HITW could use such a pond.

Heidi said...

swimming in a lake with a leaky cardboard boat is not the way so spend. You could get me back and take the kids to their grandparents and leave me in a quiet dirty house...with no company.

JD Plumma said...

cameras? a hint? she is a few years from 40. me, other hand, only 2 years. remember the world of math without zero, Stan? i bet you do. and - a fish pond in HITWRA would look rather smart. i'll bring you some pike from our lakes, 'kay? do birds really crap out egg o' pike - only to distribute the $%!#ers? the boat will be rated for 500 lbs., also. no shame or lack of fun in that for a birthday! right after we "introduce" pike to a new area...................................

Snow1 said...

Note to family...R & J will be in Anchorage late on the 20th, and John I hope your race is on the 21st(Saturday) which is 2 days after said b-day.

JD Plumma said...

might be the 20th. gotta check on that.

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