Thursday, June 07, 2007

Word From The Pit

The Moose flies his bird high in front of the Eagles' nest Memorial Day.
If he had been there last weekend, he would've known what to
do to get his boat and trolling gear off the reef - instead of letting
it get pounded by the surf. I'm sure he knows a top-notch aluminum
welder that owes him a favor, though, and things can be "patched
up" nicely before summer is gone.

The hammer tree seems to be doing well in it's second season. Branches
have sprouted but it is hard to tell how many hammers it will bear -
being a non-blossoming variety, and all. It will, no doubt, aide in
the construction of the fire pit gazebo we poured the foundation(s)
for on the 2nd of June.

If only the "dimensional rough-cut" lumber had been saved from the slab
pile, the gazebo might have it's materials needed for construction.
I hope the crew we left there to build is more frugal with the dunnage.

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Stan said...

Hey the hammer tree is producing, soemone told me that Papa Bear threw evferyone into a panic when he tossed into the fire pit when he saw you pounding stakes in the ground with it! wish I couldhave beenthere to see the look on your face! I guess the fire pit is important to us, between your shot and the one Heidi posted, I have seen some great fire pictures. Fishing is going to be good this weekend, got your chores done?

Stan said...

See the ugly backside ofthe Eagle Nest in yiour first photo - it does not look like that anymore!

JD Plumma said...

My chores are never done - caught up, though. I know someone driving down tonite, but will not be riding with them (sniff.) Too many hot irons to leave unattended. I'm sure he'll tell me how good it was...

Stan said...

Fishing Update: Perhaps the best King Salmon fishing that I have seen in years, If the Bear and myself had not tagged out early, it could have been one of those 15 - 20 fish mornings. Turned several fish loose, Bear tagged one so I did not want to see him standing around watching me catch and releashing, so I told him I would grab a quick fish and we could go have coffee. The next cast after that statement, I tagged my fish - just happened to be a hen!

JD Plumma said...


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