Saturday, June 09, 2007

We had fire...

Since Tay and I have been fending for our own dinner since Thursday
(due to the "encampment" disorder the Mamma has been going through)

we decided on hot dogs and shrimp this evening. The shrimp was planned,
already, but the dachsunds got close to the fire, they were sniffing the
condiments and licking the grill, we were both hungry, and one thing led
to another - they didn't look NEAR as big skinned and roasting...

Either way, the little woman can be assured we are well-fed even though
she is not here to wipe our faces. We, also, might have two less mouths to feed.

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Heidi said...

Two less mouths...YEAH!!!

FishTaxi said...

I only see 2 brats there. you must have ate the other 3.

nothing like a firedog!

Stan said...

Just think how good they would have tasted at the HITW! Speaking of that, you can now safely return, the house has been painted! Now we are off into bigger things, like re-doing and planting all the flower beds! Remind me once again how to spell retirement. I use to buy two truck loads of flowers a year for just the tackle shop - now I am down to just one truck load for the house! Would not really be that bad if I did not have to wear a coat to plant flowers! Have I got off the subject of dogs? Must be the fertilizer I have been sniffing all day.

Tormen Tagain said...

And that must be why all the big chain stores start stocking the fertilizer so early. It would be soon after sampling their own wares that they order all those lanterns in bulk for sale in the summer. That way we can see our way back to our tents safely while weaving our way through the black. Well, it could be the beer glasses too maybe. Yeah, that's right. BEER and FIRE! OOH OOH OOH! ( A bit of Toolman Tim Taylor action there). sort of.Wait, I too was going to speak of mustard and dachshunds or something. Anyway, It's about 10:00 pm and I'd better run on outside before it gets dark and feed all my hungry plants again. I keep seeing that huge sentient plant in that movie, um," Little house of horrors" maybe? FEED ME !

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