Saturday, June 16, 2007

So, Tay and I will be readying for our trip to Portland come 1 AM, Monday.
She wants those #@!? casts off, and is highly motivated to go. She is,
still, to ride in a "Stokes Litter"
on the plane ride down - due to airline policy and procedure.
Although she isn't crazy about the idea, she's probably the only
passenger that will get a good rest through the night. The flight is scheduled
to arrive in Portland at 5:45 AM - my typical "second cup of coffee" time.
I'm sure the staff at Shriners is bright-eyed and energetic at that stage
of the day and they will be able to stomach our energy level as
I search for the nearest barista on sight....

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Princess Sarah said...

Happy Fathers Day to you, enjoy it before your trip!! I hope you have a easy plane ride and all goes well while you are gone away.

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