Monday, June 18, 2007


Turns out I was wrong about needing the litter for Tay to ride AK Air.
They had - in their system - us scheduled for the 8 AM flight out.
Not the 1 AM (which we were loaded and ready for).
The supervisor at the airlines did some research, asked if Tay would be
OK without the "sled" for travel. It took all of the two seconds for
a breath to approve the new arrangements. She told me that the
fireman escort & Shriner's pick-up in Portland were scheduled
for the 8 AM flight. We didn't worry too much about the schedule
and, as it turns out, Barney - driver for the Shriners - was at the
Portland airport 2 minutes after I called the nurses' station to
inquire about a ride (like it WAS planned - and AK Air are a bunch
of poop-chuckers who haven't eaten a bannana unless their mommy
peeled it for them). No clue. Either way, I had no sleep for the
previous 48 hours and did VERY well with a 3 hour nap in flight.
Tay did, too. Rhonda (flight attendant) was helpful to a fault. I'm
sure we couldn't have as much as farted without being asked if we
needed anything.
my newly found "cash kow" librarian blog mascot (with a wrongly installed udder)
As you can tell, finding my way to the 'net for bloggin' took little effort - as
did posting pictures directly from my camera. Anyhow, Tay has an hour, yet,
to get her casts removed, I have had my mocha
brevé (funny how the simplest things can bring so much color to life),
and have seen the "million dollar view". All hopes have - in my mind
- some free time in the next few days for us to explore the "big town".

3 opinionated prattle:

Heidi said...

she should have her casts off by did it go??? I hope she is okay!
Nice photo's...You got them to post, you are good!

Princess Sarah said...

Glad to read you made it and found your coffee hope all goes well from here on out.

JD Plumma said...

posted the pics direct from the camera to blogger. Casts are off, Tay had a 1 hour bath, was casted for AFO's(orthotics), fitted with knee/leg immobilizers, and took quite a few steps with paralell bars and a WALKER! The PT was QUITE impressed with her abilities - as the docs were with her x-rays. More to blog tomorrow, I'm sure.

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