Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From the big city...

Just one of the roses in front of the building. My goal would be to go see a big
rose garden of many colors and sizes while here. I love to doodle roses, but
could never sketch them as nature does. The computer has directions, as well,
in case I forget how to power up.

Any idea(s) what
breed of flowering
tree this is that looks a lot like a
rose flower? This particular tree
is about 15 ft. tall, 12 ft. across,
and has a dozen flower buds on
it - and a few in full bloom.

Yesterday Tay took quite a few steps with the help
of paralell bars and a walker - the PT was impressed (me, too).

Today we see the PT, do some stepping for training,
do our best to figure a schedule out for everything here,
and find how much time is left to play/sight-see. Being on a hill (no matter where
we go, I imagine) It would be a truckload of motivation to push a wheelchair more
than a few miles. Down is good, but...

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mom said...

The tree almost looks like a gardenia, but I didn't know that they greq that big.

Hurrah for Tay, maybe pt will go much faster than expected.

My prayers are with both of you. Maybe you'll come home with a lot more muscle than you left with, John.

Love, hugs and kissesssssssssss!

Heidi said...

If you get to the Rose Garden, I will be sooo jealous. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!

Glads Tay's doing so well give her my love.

Shana said...

Tay I am happy for you. Hope your keeping your chin up and smiling. I pray that there is little discomfort for you through out all this. John your mom may be right...Janette...everything grows bigger in Oregon...my first thought was a rohdodendrum of some sort...but I think their flowers grow in bunches making them look like one big flower...

JD Plumma said...

The flowers on said tree are about 7-8 inches across the full blooms. The flower buds are about 5" tall, and 2" in diameter. On a side note, the ALDER trees (same leaves and cones, mind you) I've seen here are as large as 18" at the base, and 40 ft. tall - could be a very large gardenia pictured....
Tay is stiff and spastic, today, with exhaustion at the top of the energy problem(s). A trooper, no less.
I have little doubt that she will get her "game" back on, tomorrow.

Talking Boy said...

Does she need an amp energy drink?

JD Plumma said...

She refused me buying her an amp - said,"Not the same as from Uncle Bill."

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