Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The truth should be told...

Y'all think we came down to Oregon for the leg issues, but, we really visited
for a tune-up. Although the brain-tickling has been good, another few
weeks would take us to the next level and we could be in-house residents.

Not to bad-mouth the PTs here, but, the lady came into the room, yesterday,
with her name tag and badge in her hand - no introduction. She promply
asked Tay if she had been taking pain killers. She (Tay) replied, "No. just
valium once today". The woman asked, "..valium isn't a pain killer?!.." to
which I replied, "And, what do you do?". That is when she introduced
herself as the PT. She wasn't aware of what surgery Tay had been
through, had no idea of medical records, and did not understand that
the valium was used as a muscle relaxer....(cricket)...neither of us has
an ounce of faith in the "claimed" PT (physical terrorist). Just leave the
"physical" out, and that is our view of someone that would manipulate
the issue with absolutely no research. I'm going to mention that to Herb...
Tay and I had sushi for dinner, yesterday evening, across the street at OHSU
3rd floor cafeteria. The staff at Shriner's boasted of the quality of eats -
and were right. Unless I'd seen it myself, I wouldn't believe a cafeteria
could be of such prestige. Afterward, we rode the tram down and walked
for 1-1/2 hours, laughed, shot pics, and talked about YOU.

There are some beautiful plants and flowers, here, that make it hard
to not look like a tourist along the road with a camera.
We are doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and we
look forward to returning home.

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Shana said...

Sounds like wonderful quality time. Enjoy the beauty. As for the name badge on? Report to security would stop that one...and I would never have dreamed of touching a patient without reviewing a chart at least time your asked "have you had pain meds?" "Have you looked at the medication chart?" Would be a good response.

Heidi said...

I love you both...I am with you always.
The internet is giving me issues...It's up and running now. Hopefully I will get a blog in. Have you met Bob yet? He work the gait clinic, a little man (like Herb), so easy to talk to.

HOMER said...

Hello people, oh yea you too Tater Salad, glad you are doing well girl. Keep up the good work kiddo, sounds like you two are enjoying your time together and that's a good thing. About the pt gal I believe you handled the situation way to politically correct. I would have thrown in a "Heres your Sign" or something like that. hope all goes well love and miss you guys cant wait to see you walk again crazy leggs.

Talking Boy said...

My best to ya Taylor(and the Plumma too) RangerBill

Talking Boy said...

Dr. Passmore-What's his specialty
again-anything to do with laxatives?

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