Thursday, June 21, 2007

They let us go to City Center

Yesterday evening, Tay and I took
a bus to City Center to do some
shopping and see a small piece of
Portland (besides from the hospital.
Although the 3 city block (or so)
shopping area has lots of stores,
we arrived there around 6:45 and
a lot of them were closed. I did more walking than I have in a long time and have sore legs, today, to prove it. Not that we've seen what there is to see in this little town but a small part, but it
was good to get out and have a new adventure in an unfamiliar area - wondering if the info
in my mind would actually get us back on the right bus "home". Even for doubt in my own
mind, Tay had confidence that I knew what I was doing (sucker!). I must've played the
part right. It was almost 10 PM when we got back.
On the serious side, though, O & P (Orthotics and Prosthetics) finished her AFO's (orthotics)
by 2PM yesterday, and they fit about PERFECT the first time. WHEN has that ever happened
from Cascade?! Although Tay took steps to the distance of around 50 feet (in a walker, in 2 -
25 foot sets) yesterday morning, the AFO's went on and she walked 3 times that distance
in 1 set! I know the PT (Herb) and I were impressed, but Tay was absolutely astonished
at her own abilities. It gave her much hope and motivation. The PT - being completely
thrilled - has RARELY seen this kind of turn around in the 22 years he has practiced.
Of course I'm always proud of that kid, but, this has been more work for her than my
body would see in 6 months. Kudos, Tay. Kudos.
All of the thoughts and prayers mean a lot through the trouble, but results seem to
SCREAM success of them being heard by THE man upstairs (God, ya know). Today,
hopefully, Tay will show off for the surgeon who worked on her (on a SALARY, mind you)
to prove to him that he is doing wonderful things for many people.

Like Tay said, "Huh?!"

Don't EVEN think about it, Heidi!

I learned that my questioned flower on tree is a Magnolia. Gorgeous!
I'll get some pics, today, of Tay walking about. My undivided attention
(I think) has been of utmost importance to this point, and I feel my little
birdie (not Byrd) is almost ready to fly. Her Mama is going to cry when
she sees her walking again!

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Valette said...

Hooray, Taylor! The sooner you're up and walking, the sooner I can have you mowing my lawn.

Heidi said...

YEAH Taylor!!! I am so proud of you, baby steps. Glad the two of you got out of the hospital, now you need to find her a HOT TOPIC, so she can get a new wardrobe to go with her new legs.

Stan said...

Way to go Taylor! We are all so pround of you, not only because your took these first major steps but because of the fortitude and personal strength that you have demonstrated through this entire ordeal. None of us can ever imagine what you have endured to take these steps but you have set the example for all of us to follow in your tracks. Would you please watch out for your dad on your daily adventures outside the hospital, we all know who the mature and responsible person is between the two of you. I did not know there was a problem with the identification of that flowering tree,of course it is a magnolia tree. Quite common in the south, where they even grow wild. The wood is ideal for smoking "kroc" meat and making squaw candy from snakes.

Shana said...

Well that brought tears to my eyes. Tay I dont even know what to say...your a fighter and an insperation...I agree with Grandpa...keep your dad out of trouble. Love ya both and I can not wait to see your new legs...for this I say dinner and a movie!! (notice V just wants to put you to work. watch her she did it to Donny too. Thanks V one less body under my rock!)

Talking Boy said...

Proud of you Taylor. Keep your father away from Mocha Girl stands.

Uncle BIll

Talking Boy said...

And the next amp energy drink is on me.

Sierra said...

Wow Tay!!! You're doing really good. I'm can't wait to see you walking! ILYSM!!!!!

JD Plumma said...

Magnolia, Stan. WHERE have you been for the last 3 days? You could've answered that Tuesday! We discovered that Hot Topic is a few "bus changes" away, and she didn't care to confuse her old man like that - we might end up in St. Lois!
Contrary to what most would think, the mocha girl I like is a guy! Not Morgan Fairchild, but good espresso, no less. he still got my $5 (in tips, alone)this week.

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