Friday, June 22, 2007

Homesick ...

So - Tay and I went out, again, yesterday. It's hard to stay put when our HT "hero therapist"
says he has done all he can, and Tay has the reins, now. We took a lot (a FEW to my photog wife) of pics, walked MILES in circles, saw Mike (from Green Day) on a bike, enjoyed street performers, and ran into Elvis. Who knew he lived in Portland?!

As far as pics go, the 200 (or so) will have to wait 'til we get home for you to see. Only the important ones are posted - to save time and space. If we had 2 more days here, Portland would be in trouble - so would my buhjitt (can't even spell it at this point). Our roommate, last nite, was a total CRACK-UP until 11, or so. We got another roomie yesterday that appear to get the entire apartment to themselves tonight.

This is about 9:20 AM, yesterday. Tay is showing off for her surgeon (perfectionist)
See him smile from ear to ear? He got a HUGE boost watching her walk 100 feet in
one swoop, and was amazed enough to actually accept credit and a thank you from me.

This kid is TALL!!

These pictures are just to jerk tears from those who spent time praying and thinking of her the last 7 weeks. Go ahead - I already cried about it. We fly home tonite. The people will be missed, I won't have as much time to blog - I imagine - about nonsense, and the flight might leave us "in a cloud". Saturday, no less - I would LOVE to BBQ some steak, invite friends/family over, open a couple of 64oz growlers of Oregon's finest brew, and pass hugs and laughs around to those who care so much for us (including the Pope - who called on his lunch break to say, "excellent job, Tay!". If everyone that cared about her show for the shin-dig, we will have to block off Upland Dr and have a street party! You KNOW I would - if such occured. Someone would have to buy more beer, though.
Anyhow, we look forward to settling our nerves and butts in a chair by the fire and eating a big steak at OUR house. Tay still has a lot of work to do in the next few months, but, with all the odds she's blown holes through, her recovery time shortens by the day.
You should've seen her surgeon's face!!
See you Saturday? You, too, Eric! No working 'til 6 PM or the beer will be gone!
(you can always drink Rainier...(snick!!))

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Stan said...

The pictures are worth a thousand words! Wow, that is great, she can walk further than me without a rest! Taylor, the goal that we set is drawing closer every day, I guess I had better start taking up some dance classes, but there is not going to be any of that jumping around stuff, just a good old fashion classical waltz. Very proud of all of you, Taylor, Dad, Mom and sisters, it is a team effort.

Heidi said...

look ma no hands!!! She is so TALL, almost as tall as the "Secret Asian Man". You didn't hug him did you?

So do we need the hospital; bed any more? cause its outside. today I will clean her room and get her new mattress in there.

Miss you See you around 8pm...I will meet you buy security. Can't wait ... and the BBQ is set for tomorrow night.

Valette said...

Oh my goodness, you're so tall. Pretty soon I can start borrowing your clothes, eh?

Shana said...

BBQ and Beer...we will be there...but where will we all sit with out the green bench?

JD Plumma said...

No - I didn't hug the man - but I was gonna! He's no homo-phobe. Just a good doctor. Now, Herb - on the other hand - will get a hug. I will keep my hands off the nurses, though - no matter how nice they are.

JD Plumma said...

I told Kymber, on the phone, to be careful of the usual "slap-and-run-away" idea with her sister because it won't be long before she gets chased and beat down by her!

RangerBill said...

WoW is all I can say. Best to ya.

Uncle Bill

Kiana said...

Taylor looks so great, and so Tall! I'm really happy for her and it's great to see her up and at'um

I didn't realize you were so good at french braids john, is that your work?

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