Saturday, June 23, 2007

A quiet house, yet good to be home

So, we're finally free from the shackle(s) of Shriners and home again! YAY!
Although no one is home...
Tay and I gave each other a pat on the back, bought some prawn, and enjoyed
an 11 o'clock dinner, last night - with a beer (on sale at the local store so as not to
open my OR growlers 'til tonights BBQ party). What's that you say? Of course
we're still going to build a fire in the yard to cook meat!! What - are you NUTS?!
Disregarding the wildfire situations on the home front, aside from updates from
the clan south of us, we shall make fire! This morning, Mama Bear told me she was
going to make chicken to send with the gang headed out to "fire-guard" the
properties, but decided that quote:"Fried, dead things might not be the right
thing - maybe cold sandwiches".

We're free from the asylum, but will keep the "day job" (stand,walk,stand,etc)
for a while, yet. Tay is sleeping in, today, by my recommendation (like a 13 year old).
I was considering last week the second "leg" of the race, but now realize more was
achieved - two legs! She has been a miracle on two feet, and only she can take any
credit for who she is today and how hard she works when she applies herself to
anything. She will accomplish any goal she sets out for and is smarter than the
average wolf...I only hope she isn't reading this. You know she doesn't like us
talking about her in front of her.

As we spring into the next heat - carefully avoiding hazards - we thank you all for
constant thoughts and prayers, and bull-headedly continue on...

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Tormen Tagain said...

Welcome back JD. By the looks of these last few posts everything went great. You've a strong girl there. And a Family to be proud of ta' boot.
Cheers to ye and yours.

Stan said...

Welcome home, sorry that the big fire delayed your welcome home party. The fire crews came in at 0200 this morning,looked a little tired but none worse for the wear and tear - my tools have not showed up yet but they will show up with time. Have not seen the lady firefighter, I am assuming she will be in today. Enjoy your solitude, you are about to have an expansion of your family.

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