Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good weekend - good progress

The fire crew is coming home tonight. Sounds as if the fire shouldn't turn around again. Looking forward to their sound and company.

My brother in law - the Papa Buffalo - bought me a birthday cake last night when he came over with steak to try some Oregon ale. I just blew out the candles Tay set, and the cake was good! The brew chosen, while walking Portland streets , was superb in flavor. The porter was extremely
dark and smooth, and the amber was better.
(still have some amber).

Perfectly complimented the steaks
Pap Buff brought
over as well as the macaroni salad the
Sister made(always excellent).

Although there are many great and immense
things to see in that big town,

Nothing really compares to the simple things at home.

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Stan said...

You had a birthday? How many of these do you have on a yearly basis, could have sworn that we did that in February! Just kidding, I knew it was your birthday and do hope you enjoyed the smoked salmon that I sent your way with the Buffalo Clan. Yes, it was a legally caught King Salmon, last day of the season just for you, I bonked one!

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