Monday, June 25, 2007

Lots of work to do

Although pictures say a thousand words, sometimes it's not enough. Standing
independently (5 second intervals), taking steps (straight-leg and small-stepped),
turning (difficult), and centering balance have been huge goals to see so soon.
She will be working on stepping up (short blocks) and down and long walks
to get her strength and muscle tone back. Chores, every day, for her are of
utmost importance to continue progress.

Tay understands that there is a
lot of work ahead of her - more than 1 week
could provide. Long term goals are becoming
clearer, now, and she needs to stay focused
to achieve them. She definitely has the
ability and determination to get what she
wants from all of this. Our graceful princess
may always need a supporting factor (ie;
walker, canes, chair, etc.) even after all the
effort she applies, but she has already been
a shiny example of what the mind and body
can overcome if the will is strong.

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Stan said...

No doubt, there is a lot of work ahead, but those first steps have been taken and that is half the battle. The mind is wonderful healing tool and there is no doubt that this young lady has a great mind, stillthink she would make a great lawyer! You may need one in the future!

Shana said...

I must agree with dad on the Lawyer thing...God forbid that girl ever become a judge!!
Tay is no stranger to hard work and being tough...she has Kim as a sister! LOL love ya Kim.
I am sure that some day Tay will walk up to Leo, canes or not, and kiss him, standing on her own two feet!!! You go girl...and if you need a shoulder when the going is rough...don't wipe your snot on me...but I will listen. hehe.

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