Kym and I put some effort into a canoe
rack for the "granny vanny" and had to
try it out at 75 mph +. Being the fishing
lovers we are, we tried out a secret, un-
populated area someone I am acquainted
with lives year-round.

Of course, Kym caught more than either of
us on the trip. They cooked up nicely in
oil with salted, floured bellies. The only thing is that my buddy (lives at the neighboring lake)
told me there was no pike influence there. We
saw LOTS of pike smolt at the lake. Upon
telling him about it, he called ADF&G to
report the pike findings - as they have no
record, as of yet, of the obvious influence
of trout-eating critters in this secluded area.
Maybe they will shock the little pukes
before they eat our favorite little trouts...

This wasn't the entire school, but they
look as if they're swimming an hour later,
no? Good eating. The two of us took Donald,
also, and yes - he caught more than me!
It WAS my boat, though, and it wouldn't
be right to out-fish the company, right?

Yes, the canoe still floats after
Red Shirt Lake.

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Stan said...

A nice stringer of fish, what did you say the limit was? I am assuming that they are Rainbows? Kym looks very pleased with her catch and that is the main thing. Glad to hear that the boat is still o.k., was not real concerned with the wear and tear on it to Red Shirt Lake, but using it as a tobaggan this past winter could have damaged it. By the way, small trout that size are also very good when smoked! Fillet them down the backbone, leave them attached at the tail and hang them. They go great with a cold can of Coors!

Stan said...

Did I here correctly on the news tonight that there was a drowning on Cheeny Lake on Sunday. That is the secret lake, right?

JD Plumma said...

Chena Lake is by Fairbanks - the drowning - and Cheeny Lake is not the secret. It IS where the jug of pike smolt came from, though, on Heidi's blog.

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