Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend bliss--

The few days I spent at the Hole in the Wall were worth 100 days of typical,
animal-feeding, cleaning, working, clock-burning tranquility. I can't wait to
get back down to help clear the outhouse hole, again. First, we need to get the
excavator back. The short "zip-line" is a whole 'nuther story.

Heidi was the only successful trolling angler this last weekend with her white
king - a 30 (+) lb white, female, spawner king with 12 hooligan in her belly
(which the men at camp seemed to blame for the weight). The fact of the variety
ofking salmon is uncommon enough without being one of very few caught on
the ocean, Monday. I could be jealous, also, except for the fact that she is
MY wolf b&#@h! Eric, Tay, and I will attest for the sheer ecstasy of flavor
once baked over a fire. Butter, garlic, and season salt was a simple fix, also.
The camp (HITWRA) should have enjoyed the rest of it last night, as well -
unless LA wood is, somehow, better than their wood due to not being in a
nuclear free zone. Flavor, maybe...

This is one of the hooligan that fell from the fish's belly. Sure, you could call this
article farce, but I stick to the story due to freedom of speech and no one at
the HITW can blog from the pit in A.R. to deny the story until next weekend.

The wieners are as happy as anyone to be at home, again. They slept the whole drive
yesterday and , when we arrived at the house, they proceeded to do nothing but sleep
on the couch. Aside from the 600 lb boulder in th back yard, they moved less than
anything on the property. Tonight, they party!
(yes - SPAM and merlot)

This is one of the hooligan that fell from the fish's belly. Sure, you could call this article
farce, but I stick to the story due to freedom of speech and no one at the HITW can
blog from the pit in A.R. to deny the story until next weekend.

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Snow1 said...

Sure, there is no one from the HITW that can call bunk, but some of us don't live to far from there and we know a tall tale when we read it. Plus we have spent a lot of time fishing and that is no hooligan. In addition we are still feeling slighted by the lack of response to our attempt at bribery to rejoin the clans of our younger days whom we had to leave for adventures on the high seas. So bunk is it, and bunk it is called.

Stan said...

I will confirm that the hooligan as pictured on the Plumma's site is actually one of the hooligan that was contained within the stomach cavity of the she Wolf's King Salmon. The hooligan were extracted from the cavity by the Bull Moose. Four of them were still fresh enough that I was able to fillet them and last night, we enjoyed a snack of freshly smoked holligan and Coors Beer. Life gets no better.

Stan said...

We do have a shopping list for your return voyage to the HITW this weekend. Your bride,(my daughter) and I spent the evening around the fire pit tonight discussing, engineering, and measuring the new gazebo that will cover the fire pit. After much deliberation, we decided to make if of wood with a lap sided wood roof with a vent hole in the center top measuring 41 inches to vent smoke and heat. It will be supported by four 4x4's on sono tubes. We will start setting up the hole drilling process tomorrow to take advantage of the Calf Buffalo. However, we do have a short supply list that you will need to pick up in Anchorage for us. We need (6) 2'x 6" x 10', (24) 2" x 4" x 8', (4) 4" x 4" x 8', and 1" x 6" x 10' for facia boards and 43 pounds of three inch sheet rock screws and 40 pounds of galvanized 3" finishing nails. If you can find some sheets of metal to cover the area at the peak of the cover for fire retardent or even asbestas sheeting, that would also be beneficial. Once completed, built in benches will be built around the perimeter. The support posts will be set 10' a part and eight foot tall, just happens to be the same size as a 8'x10' "blue tarp so walls may be raised in a moments notice to curtail wind or provide additonal winter storage or even a sauna by closing the open port at the top. A well thought out concept and major improvement to the new fire pit.

JD Plumma said...

..um...yeah, well...we'll just bring one of the Buffalo's 2 ton work rigs (at 5 mpg) with a low-boy trailer in tow (3 mpg) for the extra dimensional lumber and needed dunnage. Did you forget concrete for the feet?

Stan said...

We have a lot of sand and cqn pick up a couple of bags of "crete" at anyonew of a number of construction sites. All else fails, the kids think they can collect enough clay to kiln dry and make sono tubes.

Tormen Tagain said...

If I help you get that excavator dug out could run it up the road to clam gulch and dig my septic. I would certainly pay you the 2nd tuesday of next week for a septic today.

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