Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good ideas = good fun

Of course, the house must be clean, first, but...

Funny Pictures

One week 'til a few days of relaxation and putting good ideas to good use.

We should all make time to play with the kids because every moment is held
in the precious balance of life.

Our schedule is tight so the playing must commence at 0600 to fit in all the fun.
Don't forget the juice of waking life so we can get an early start on activities!

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Stan said...

That top picture looks a lot like the condition that you left the Wolf Den in at the end of the summer in 2006. Perhaps, a little den cleaning is also in order! Update on first morning of King Salmon fishing onthe Anchor River. Temperature, 24 degrees at 0430. chip the ice out of tyhe rosd guides 12 times in one hour. Daddy Bear picked up two Steelhead and one very nice King Salmon, 25 pound class female. I to had a very goodmorning, I got to watch Shane land two Steelehad and one nice King Salmon in the 25 pound class, but I did have a good breakfast after we finished fishing. Total fishing time about 1.25 hours of which half was spent warming hands! Got to love the Anchor River in early spring. Update on the HITW, completely dry! Now the Moose reflection pond is nearly dried up and lower Kroc lake as well as had a rapid evaporation rate and is also nearly dry. Might want to plan on haukling water tjhis year from other sources as it appears there will be no water availalble from either Upper or Lower Kroc Lake. Never underestimate the insulation factor of a blue tarp. The tarp that I used to cover the roof of the Duck House in order to prptect the skylights has prevented any solar power from filtering intothe Duck House. The depsoitory remains froze up from the seepage water that was accumulated during the great thaw. Buds are just now starting to sprout leaves, The G;lacier is now history and will disappear this weekend.

Heidi said...

That is NOT my house!!

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