Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The animals are restless and wild

School will be out after next week. Is the neighborhood really safe?
There is, already, rumors of pirates, indians, and bike gangs
come late afternoon on our street. I remember - when I was
9 or 10 - having to play hard to use the afternoon and evening hours
for any respectable game of pretense. The only thing stopping us
(temporarily) was an occasional "have to watch" TV series that so many
great tools for our games were learned. There was, also, an
occasional BABE to view - giving us the motive to save the world
from super villains.

The dogs have been as antsy as our children - chase each other, find a few
of last years bones, bully the cat...I had assumed the cat wanted outside
to catch birds but now I'm guessing he needs the space to duck,
dodge, and flee the grasp of the "big guy", Barley, and his evil
cohorts, Lily and Jewels. When the little ones put their two pea-brains
together, they cause great turmoil with Ricky. He just needs to turn
around and whack'em before they lock him in the dryer, again.

I'm thinking the lot of them - kids/animals - just need our Memorial weekend
getaway to the Hole In The Wall to use up their outlaw juice in a "safe-
from-society" place before someone really gets hurt. We shall have fire.
Save a hot dog for me, will ya?!

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Stan said...

Wait until Jewels and Lily have the opportunity to meet "Spike" the truck driving dog. He is about their size and typical of most male truck drivers. For some reason, I can see him taking them to the "Inn" and plying them with the grapes of wrath. However, this year based on my latest count, people will out number the dogs this year.

Princess Sarah said...

Those two will get along well with my two little ones who think there all that! Then again We might get hurt

JD Plumma said...

The dachshund duo will NOT stoop to "lot lizard" levels for the weekend, but you might find them in the bar. Alcohol just makes them mean, though - not submissive.

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