I have gone over our budget for the upcoming Memorial Day
weekend trip to our favorite recreational area, and cuts must be made.
To begin with, we must travel light - Tay in her casts, and all.
Our immediate bills must be paid, of course, leaving $128.36
for our food, fuel, and lodging. Considering that the camper needs
only minor repair, that should be kept to around $32 - leaving $96.36

open for the trip and menu. Fill the propane tank for $15, replace batteries
in emergency flashlights - $5, and fuel the chainsaw to cut firewood - $10
should keep it running for a weekend. That leaves $66.36. We'll
need about $52.25 for unleaded in the tank for a round trip (if we WALK
everywhere while we're there...or, hitch-hike the longer treks(Homer)).
What we have left is $14.11 to feed the family for two days.
SPAM seems to be around $4 a can. Three should do - considering
that it is fortified nourishment. $2 should provide one side dish (to
be rationed for 3 meals - 1 1/2 per day). That leaves us with one phone
call and still a penny to our name.

I do hope Ranger Bill brings a goat, pig, or mule with him when he arrives.
It's time the kids learn how to make headcheese.

Any member of the clans with livestock, freezer-burnt meat, or unwanted pets
are invited to contact me so arrangements can be made, prior to our arrival,
as a matter of gracing our menu with more variety...

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Kiana said...

Hey, we have all sorts of freezer burnt meat if ya want some. Yum Yum, haha

Bunch of turkey legs, halibut, salmon, and I think some burger. I can't bring myself to throw it away.

Stan said...

I have not thought of "head cheese" inyears, my mother use tyo make it all the time, dad loved it! I hated it and to this day it makes me "puke" to even think of it! I thought I had a lot of vaccum packed "smoked silver salmon" that I could share with you, but I weas stranded at the AA all day today without food, so I thought I would just have some smoke salmon. Some how, a 40 pound fish box of smoked salmon had declined over the winter from full to a slim six packages (which is in my refrigerator now). I could not figurte out what happened to it, then I remembered the "Moose" was here just two days ago! that is all right, I will be smoking fresh King Salmon this next weekend!

Princess Sarah said...

You can come over to my camp and eat some dinner, bring your spam!! We can share

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