Thursday, February 01, 2007

For the winner -

Stan guessed $2,027,520.00 in a stack of $1 bills, 1 mile in length. $ 14,734,883 would be the figure - considering that US currency (all bill denominations) are .0043 inches in thickness, and a mile at 5,280 feet. If they were $20 bills, it would add up to $ 294,697,674. Stack me up some bills, baby!
Regardless, prize will follow.

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Heidi said...

hey you said in that last post "one mile LONG" not tall...whats with that? Dad's answer was tall not "Long". but then again you asked stacked...was this a trick question?

Stan said...

I got into the site, Yea!!!! It was a trick question Heidi, he did say "stacked" but he could have had thoughts about you, the dirty old man! To be safe, I answered both "long" and "stacked", however, in my calculations, the caliper that I was using showed that the thickness of the bill was .0032 inches, which would equate to $32.00 to the inch. His "sources" said the bill was .0043 inches thick or $43.00 to the inch. But, we all know that men have a tendency to exagerate length in inches - at least I used a caliper!

Stan said...

Took a stroll through your photo bucket. Nice work! See, i do click on "links"

JD Plumma said...

Stan - we seem to come up with different figures for the worth and dimension of currency. That's another sign of our accuracy of governing in America seeing that both sources - differing - come from the US Treasury Dept. Did you come across all of my blackmail photos in photobucket?

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