Another year has passed. What did we ever do?
2006 was lots of fun - I hope you had some, too.
The fishing trips, camping out, hanging with our friends
Spent good time with family - I hope it never ends.
Our pocketbook has seen some use and tightened up it's strings.
Can't wait to blog about this year and whatever it brings.
Siblings moved into our town - now living in LA.
It's great to have them near to us - what more can a brother say? Time will pass as our world spins and something that is true -
With family close and friends are dear - I'm glad to be here, too.
Here's wishing you and your loved ones a happy year to be.
And, if you find a loss for words, smile and blog about me!

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Stan said...

And a Very Happy New year to all of you, just last evening I was reviewing all the pictures of the summer in the Hole In the Wall - brought back a lot of great memories. Could not help but think about the memories that all the (grandchildren) cousins are building from these trips. I know they sure bring a lot of joy into our lives.

JD Plumma said...

Ours too, Stan - as well as you.

My slide show(s) aren't done loading from photobucket.
Y'all come back later.

Stan said...

Very clever Plumma - I do wish I knew how to "tinker" Nice job!

real eyez said...

Nice job....Happy New Year!!!

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