Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Noodling it is!

In searching for an unanswered question by the Prattler - " What is a female catfish called?" - the conclusion was not as easy to come by as expected. I did run across all kinds of info - including, but not limited to; ultrasound testing for sex in catfish, thyroid hormone modulation, and good old Noodling!

"You're starting to understand the "stupid" part of all this, right?"exerp from a Cabela's Feild Guide story

Iowa has lots of catfish. You think they would know!?

After much deliberation
and searching, my efforts seemed a waste. Is a female salmon really a "hen", or do we just call it that?

I know that most of you would rather make habit of donating to worthy causes such as PETA demonstrations as shown on right, but let's not forget your local KCC and KRAP efforts to preserve Alaska's natural beauty.

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3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Int he past, I have done alot of noodling, but I have never noodled in Alaska. Noodling is actually quite popular but you have to be very careful where you put your noodle, some things are known to bite! Pertaining tothe very lovely ladies and the youtn lady witht the sign in support of PETA. "Fur is Dead", now that is tyhought provoking, can you picture some lady putting a live mink around her neck or Davy Crockett runing around with a live racoon on his head for a hat? If I were one to wear furs, I would prefer that it is dead fur and had been de-loused and de-fleaed! But, I would sure like a nice wolf parka and polar bear boots for the Christmas! Cannyou "noodle" in furs?

JD Plumma said...

Noodlin' furs has got to be the world's second most dangerous sport. I read that skin-of-peta-protester can be aquired likewise - but it's called something different than noodling, or, is it?

Princess Sarah said...

I think she looks scared, I wonder is someone made her do it

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