Thursday, August 03, 2006

Of what do sunsets speak?

They talk of peace and ending days
and new beginnings in their own ways.
They say that days are short, at last
and dig for memories of past.
There will be one to speak for me
when, from this earth, my soul must flee.
When I see the setting sun in air
I think of you and all who care.
Tell someone you love, today
of what this sunset cannot say.


The entire Pinnacle Mechanical crew will be driving to Soldotna, today, to attend a memorial service for our friend/co-worker who died in a vehicle accident last Saturday night on Funny River Road. He is already greatly missed at our shop - as well as with hundreds of vendors and clients in Anchorage. The business is closed for the day and our support is with his Grandmother, and family, as we remember our companion with broken heart - as he would for us.

Jeremy McCullough's heart of gold will not be forgotten.

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Stan said...

Sorry to hear thaty you had to make that kind of trip to Soldotna, but that was great of your company to close it down for the day and have that much consideration, respect for an employee - need more companies like that in the USA. The bottom line is important, but taking care of those that produce that bottom line is just as important. Did you run into any of those 80 foot trailers. We had to follow one from Sterling to Soldotna, two pilot vehicles in front and back, plus two patrol cars leading the parade and two additional Solodtna Police cars fell in as we came into Soldotna, looked like a parade! They were moving the 80' girders for the new Kenai River Bridge.

JD Plumma said...

The girders for the Soldotna Kenai River bridge were seen on the South end of Russian River area on our trip down, but were parked closer to Sterling on our way back. It'll be good to see that project finished.
And - the memorial service was small but touching - until the families (his and his wife's) seemed ready to shoot each other! They split ways after an argument broke out between her Mother and his Grandmother (still in the church, not 2 minutes after the last amen). That made us feel a little awkward. We chose to go search the wreck site for Jeremy's tools/etc. and let things cool off.
Our crew is one step from blood as a family - we care about each other. And, you're right about more businesses needing to be more caring. One day down cost our company thousands, probably, but money is not the ties that bind the bosses hearts.

mom said...

I'm sorry you had to make a trip like that, but I'm sure it meant something to the family to have the whole company their. If not, at leaset it meant something to you guys.

JD Plumma said...

It DID mean a lot to our "work family". I'm lucky to have employers that care like they do.

K said...

Sorry to hear about that John.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for his family and for his walk out on him wife who cannot see anyones pain but her own. Perhaps if everyone took her into their arms and gave her a big hug she would relent and in return show true love like Jeremy would and share with the rest in pain. Did anyone happen to catch the blog on Ford recalls. If he was ejected prior to the truck catching on fire there would be no burns but perhaps someone might let the NTSB know that a badly burned body ejected from a truck could just mean he veered off the road when his misfucntioning ford burst into flames and therefore our dear friend was not a victim of intoxication and a broken heart but a victim of manufacturing faults that might just give his family something to dedicate in his name. He must have had a profound effect on work for them to shut the office down.

JD Plumma said...

Everyone has a big affect in the "PMI family".

Anonymous said...

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