Friday, July 28, 2006

Spam n' Salmon

If yer lookin fer the Alasksn trophies, check these
I hear that lunch meat is the secret.

Who knew it made such a good bait?!
I'm sure there should be records of the largest salmon/trout caught with SPAM, or, will I be the first?

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Stan said...

I guess I had best admit to my crime. I purchased you a very fine can of Spam in May, prior to the big campout on Memorial Day week. However, the appropraite situation never occurred to present it to you, so I decided to wait until the July campout, again the circumstances were not right. I apologize, but four days ago I saw that little can of Spam sitting in my cubbard and could not resist, I popped the top and Dutch and I enjoyed a good Spanwich, just meat and white bread. I will make it up to you, but thanks!

Heidi said...

I double dog dare Dad to eat Marinas "little suprize"...

Stan said...

Oh, no - I am not going to get a 16 year mad a t me, I know she will enjoy her surprise to much. I would never want to deprieve her but son in laws are open game!

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