Thursday, July 27, 2006

Record that fish if it's a biggin'!

A man approached the nephew and I on Ship Creek exclaiming, "I caught a 33 lb sockeye salmon here, last year. At least, I was told it was a red.". To some, color is EVERYTHING!

The world records - to my knowledge are as follows;

Species, lbs-ozs, where, when, who

Dolly Varden, 18-9, Mashutuk River, AK, July 13, 1993 , Richard B. Evans
Salmon, chinook, 97-4, Kenai River, AK, May 17, 1985 , Les Anderson Salmon, chum, 35-0 , Edye Pass, Brit. Columbia, July 11, 1995, Todd Johansson Salmon, coho, 33-4 , Salmon River, Pulaski, NY, Sept. 27, 1989, Jerry Lifton
Salmon, pink, 13-1, St. Mary's River, Ontario , Sept. 23, 1992 , Ray Higaki Salmon, sockeye, 15-3, Kenai River, AK, Aug. 9, 1987 , Stan Roach
Trout, rainbow, 42-2, Bell Island, AK , June 22, 1970, David Robert White

The picture, below, may prove the Pink Salmon record wrong with a 14.49 lb male caught on the Skykomish River

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Stan said...

That is a very fine Pink Salmon, however, it is a glossy painted plastic mount. Records are very important, however when referring to them they must be accurate. the largest Red Salmon captured inthe sport fisheries weighed 10 Pounds, caught onthe Kenai River in 1974 by Chuck Leach. The Pink Salmon Record is 12 Pounds 9 Ounces caught on the Moose River, also in 1974. Must have been a great run onthe keani River that year, sorry I missed it as I was away defending my homeland. I will review the other records and report back. By the way, there is a record wide open if you would like to try. the Brook Troput was added to the Alska list in 1995, to date there have been no entries into this category. Really good to see a new posting from you - the Silvers are in. By the way, the record is 26 pounds, caught in Icy Strait in 1976 by Andrew Robbins. I just set a new record for word verification, fourth attmept!

Stan said...

Sorry about the typo, the record red salmon weighed in at 16 pounds, not 10 pounds.

Heidi said...

That is one ugly fish!!

Stan said...

With you having a long history in the commercial fisheries, I think that you will agree with me on the concept of records. Some of those records that you posted are not real fish! In my humble opinion, only those fish of "wild stock" origin should be considered as record fish. Some of those fish that are recorded in the world record books are actually enhanced or "farm" fished that have been introduced to a fishery. Any fish can get large if it is fed three times a day and does not have to worry about surviving on the high seas. This is the case of any salmon that you see as a world record from New York or the Great Lakes region - if they are not born in a river bed stream, live in that river, return to sea for their growth period and return to the same river, they should not count! I can raise a fine steer on the open range, letting it eat it's natural food. However, I can raise a larger steer by holding him in a pen and feeding him grain and "shooting" him up with growth hormones, the question is which one would be the most natural and better to eat. A current listing of Alaska State Fish records taken on sporting gear is listed in your sport fish regulation book. Those are real fish! Great post.

JD Plumma said...

Did they publish regulations for 2006? I'm still working out of '95 regs.

Stan said...

Yes, the new regulations for 2006 have been distributed, however, they have been superceded by a rash of emergency orders, so you will need to download them from the internet, it took me 7.5 hours to download the 636 pages but by the time I had finished, a new revision came out. I can only suggest that you ignore them, when contacted by a Fish and Wildlife Officer, he will bring you up to date on the current regulations. I am sure the local magistrate of the 3rd Judicial District will also remind you of the "new regulations" prior to sentencing. "Have a good day on the water and good luck with your fishing."

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »

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