Sunday, July 23, 2006

Silver summer months

I know I have been lacking in posts for a few weeks. The work schedule has beaten my brain into something that resembles custard - although packed into 40 hour weeks - and the wolf pack would tell you how tired and cranky I can get.
Most people aren't aware of the great nutritional value of the Silver.
I've spent a bit of time, lately, with a Buffalo clan member chasing the elusive Alaskan Coho. Although my previous claims to being loved by this species has been proven many times over, they have seemed to be out of my grasp. I spent about 8 hours, total, with Donald ( 3 hrs with a neighbor involved napping on the bank) at Ship Creek to hook a silver, and failed. Don brought 2 home - the first was one of the smallest of this species I've encountered (growing up with a seine, encountering was a-plenty). I said, "jack!?", but found I was wrong when we got home around 9 AM and washed the crappy mud off it to find it was ALMOST 2 lbs of a Coho (whole). We started a fire and ate it for breakfast. He also landed a 6 pounder on the evening tide. I just threw bait, lost lures, and remembered the reason(s) I haven't fished Ship Creek in over 4 years. Combatting the Russian is mild in comparison to fighting 500 anglers in a 15 ft wide channel. One hook-up the nephew made was the most impressive, as another angler (on the opposite side ) set his hook in the same mouth, almost suspending the 8 lb fish from the water. Who has ever seen a Coho bite two hooks at once?Don's hook broke off as he brought it to the bank, or a picture would have been in order.
I hope to be able to fish my favorite river the first weekend of August, but time will tell. Until then, pray for the Coho - as I will show little mercy on that day...

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Stan said...

Ship Creek!!!!! No comment pertaining to my humble opinion of that stocking program! I to, am looking forward to the Silver
Salmon in my favorite river, to date the seasonal count now stands at 3, however, it is getting close to the time that early morning prospecting be done. That would be great if you could come down the first week in August to fish, although the fishing will be a little slower as the run will just be in the early stages. I promise not to say anything to anyone about a rookie cheechako out fishing you, although my lip is getting a little sore from biting it. If you need eggs, I have some fine eggs ready to go - if I can keep the Moose and Bears out of them! Really enjoyed your long posting, that is unlike you - must be on the coffee bean diet again! By the way, now that Copper is at an all time high, you may want to consider changing out your TV antenna, figure you have a very expensive antenna pole considering it is brand new copper tubing and you really will not miss it since it is not hook up to anything! Might also want to consider stripping all the copper out of those Christmas lights around your house and in your trees, there has to be a few dollars worth of copper in those. Oh, yes, the plumbing for the shower attached to the kids jungle jim could also be recycled! I sat there for several days hoping to see someone in the shower, I was the only one to use it! Your neighbor lady can sure scream and run fast when she saw me standing in the middle of your lawn in the buff, but I am use to that! Have a good mzfwbu day. Well, let's make it a good fnswttb day!

Shana said...

Not sure Donny will know what a cheechako is let alone a rookie one...but maybe that will get him to post. although the nickname is comparable to the one he has achieved here in LA with his sibblings and neices...hence forth..."Donny Duck" he even has a hat stating so....have a naplbxpd and the silvers will arrive in due time.

Anonymous said...

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