Saturday, July 01, 2006

And, For God's Sake, Stay Clean!

After much thought and determination of proper placement of our persons (Wolf clan) for an easy, relaxing weekend it has been decided that we should travel west for this weekend. Fishing is always part of the math to make a proper determination. Recently, a picture of a 60 lb King salmon was presented to me. That is hard to resist - no matter how big the Pike and Rainbows are in other places.

It's time to get a good, protective coat of sediment on the vehicle - not knowing what we will encounter on our travels West.

I figure if we stick to the clean, dry spots we should fair well. I just hope our "save, save, save" spot on high ground has been taken seriously.
Have purchased a case of erasers for cleaning the kids off before bed. I think we're ready for anything.

3 opinionated prattle:

Heidi said...

Mud we come...

Stan said...

You be working to much! I have missed your postings!

Stan said...

I do hope that you bought your wife some ice cream today!

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