Thursday, June 22, 2006

World record Pike

"Delta ice fishermen caught this huge Alaska northern pike in a nearby local lake earlier this month. It is believed to be one of the largest pike ever caught on light sport tackle in these waters. The fish was big enough that it could only be transported by air, as shown here. Unfortunately, the heavy duty sling used under the giant beast broke just as the transport was passing over the gravel pit at the north end of Spengler Road. The fish broke through the ice. It is apparently still alive, as a snowmachine parked at the other end of the lake has since disappeared. A pike-shaped hole with large tooth marks can be seen where the machine was located. Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution when swimming in that gravel pit this summer." Photo by Brian Rawalt.

Click pic for link to quoted site.

There was a pike - recently recorded - caught at Nancy Lake that measured 42", and had an 18" Rainbow trout in it's belly. No joke.
Check out some AK Fish&Game videos here if you wonder about the hoop-la.

Coming soon - detailed research on the Royal Alaskan Emperor Penguin!

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Valette said...

The Alaskan Penguin is an endangered species!

Stan said...

This looks just like the Pike I lost while fishing a lake up by Fairbanks last fall. JD you are getting to be quite the sport fisherman, a little different from using a net likeyou use to. Good to see you coming onboard and changing your ways. Good rqplnqt evening to you.

JD Plumma said...

He's just gotten bigger, Stan. Much bigger. Thanks for letting him go, xsqyjvt!@#!

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