Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hard day rowing

Clear water shot of 14 lb. rainbow trout. You wouldn't believe how many 20-inchers I threw back to play with this hog!

Because K had just gotten practiced-up in rowing canoes, I thought it appropriate that she do all the rowing. That was Sunday. She couldn't be awakened 'til this evening and aged 5 years.
There are more fish to be caught out there. I only hope I don't drop the film in the lake, again, and actually bring home ALL the pics of my 25" rainbow!
Gawd, I love fishing!

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Stan said...

My radar antennai picks up a distinct odor of B.S., to insure the accuracy of the reading, I referred to my secondary sensor, that being my nose and it also pick out a very strong odor of bovine excrement. The first picture of a Rainbow Trout was taken inside a hatchery in warm water. Note that all fish in this picture are similar in size and coloration. Additionally note, the bottom is void of any rocks, gravel, or vegetation which is not typical trout habitat. The bottom of the tank appears to have been
recently cleaned as evident by the scratch marks on the bottom. The second picture is of a native Rainbow Trout, in a cold water envirnomnent which is the reason the 1st Rainbow shows more color (rainbnow stripe on side, the colder the temperature, the less coloration of Red in the Rainbow. The second fish is most likely from the Alaska Penuinsula area as indicated by the size and coloration of the grass, most likely in the late fall because the fisherman is wearing fingerless, wool gloves. According to the Properties of each picture, they were duplicated from the internet. Good try Plumma! Try again you little tyzxzgaq! Maybe you are a little cqzcr!

K said...

Those girls look so sweet. Great picture.

JD Plumma said...

The light passing through water is difracted and can make an unreal appearance to colors viewed. The gloves were for my hook-tattered hands (to hold the bandaids on). Fish teeth and hooks are merciless to bare skin! Does your 'puter show different properties than mine? Blogger downloaded files?

Stan said...

Yes, if you go into hyper protocal properties it will give you the site where the pictures come from and whether they are copyrighted or not. Good hzztaaed morning to you, could sure use a good cup of John coffee!

JD Plumma said...

More like, go to hyper-bulltical property menu to determine the truth behind the file's FAhyper-bole.wizz, and what happens to be just prattle.

Stan said...

Not to change the subject - but what did you ever do with my daughter? Is she still hanging around? Her site is so dusty that my system rejects even logging onto it in fear of being contaminated with dust particles. I see an occasional note - but no words of wisdom. Give her my mbdautcx.

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