Friday, March 24, 2006

What are these harvested pieces?

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Heidi said...

Coffee beans?

Stan said...

Sorry Juan(ette) Valdez, your are wrong (again), if yu and your donkey pick these "coffee beans" and pack them downthe mountain, by the time you get to the Folgers Mill your donkey is going to smell like a Hershey Kiss. These are the fruit of the Cococaa Tree, better know as Coco beans, which is the main ingredient for hot chocolate. To make a good cup of coco, first you need a qaulity coco bean, grind it similar to the coffee bean, add milk and a touch of sugar. To top it off, go deep into the marsh land and find a mellow tree, thus the name of the marshmellow drop that intothe hot liquid and it is to die for! Did I win the trivia prize this time?

Shana said...

I will have to agree on the bean being a coco been but the mellow for a reason was originally called a "marsh" mellow as to the fact that it is a march plant.

TwistedTye~Dye said...

are you all sure of this?...did anyone know the coffee acctually a cherry?...betcha didnt...look again...might just be coffe...besides we are talking about JD here...HELLO!

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