Saturday, March 25, 2006

what a bunch of "know-its"

Got attitude?!

Heidi guesses right with coffee! And our friend makes a good point - it's ME! My mind doesn't stray too far. These "beans" were picked in Costa Rica. An average coffe tree yeilds beans for about 2 pots of coffe - A YEAR!

AND NOW, other trivial facts;

It happens to be a Blue-Footed boobie, baby! Here's some chicks.
These pics were taken at Galapagos Islands. Even Heidi (did little research) clued you in, but did not want to seem a know-it-all.

and, the female - at mating season.

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I would like to take this opportunity to review the two postings that appeared on your site this day. After further review, it appears that your observation and analysis is in error. It is regretful, that based on inadequate data and personal philosophy you declared a winner to your trivial questions wrongfully. You credited this person as doing a lot of research, one would have to question as to what kind of "prize" you recieved in return for your decision. I to, completed a lot of research plus having an abundance of personal knowlege on each of these subjects, I believe that my earlier comments were correct. However, realizing that it is remotely possible that I could error, I reviewed the data this day and found it to be solid and unbiased. The picture of the beans is as I indicated, the bean of the coco tree. If you look at the leaf of the plant, you will note that the leaf of the tree is a thicker, wax type leaf. Since the coco tree grows at higher altitudes in arid areas, these thicker leaves absorb and hold more water for the plant. The coffee bean tree has smaller and thinner leaves as they are a deep rooted plant and absorb enough water to adegautely produce growth of the bean. In you declaration pertaining to the bird that you displayed, you inadvertently displayed two different species of birds. According to the "World Guide To Birds" 2nd edition, the first bird that you displayed is indeed a "Long Billed Paraguen" which I indentified in an earlier posting. The bird that you displayed on this date is a different species, although they do have comparable characteristics. This is a smaller bird than the "Long Billed Paraguen" and their habitat is not the Galapagos Islands. Accordingly, the second bird is a "White Breasted Paraguen" with a habitat northwest of the Galapagas Islands. The habitat for this particular species is the Bikini Islands. The original specie did not have the blue foot adaptation, this is a mutation created by the "Bikini Nuclear Tests" that were conducted in the Bikini Island area in the 1950's. Being that college "spring break" is now taking place world wide, bare breasts on the beaches of the Bikinni Islands have been prohibited durng this time frame. The department of Fish and Game on these Islands have trapped all of the white breasted paraguens and placed Bikini Tops on them to protect their modesty and to come into compliance of the temporary ban on bare breasts. It should be further noted, that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is working in conjunction with biologists on the Bikini Islands to attempt an enhancment program of these birds into the Kachemak Bay area. Based on their theory, they may be able to restore the original lineage of breeding in this specie and revert the coloration of the feet back to the color of the original specie. The reason the Kachemak Bay area was chosen is that it remains one of the very few "nuclear free" zones in the world. So, based on the most current data available, one would assume that you will withdraw your declaration and biased opinion and rightfully declare the correct entry into your competition. I await your reply and would hope that in the future you base your decisions on factual information and not hormones!

Heidi said...

WOW i call .... BULLSHIT

Shana said...

So which came first? the chicken or the boob?

JD Plumma said...

There is a lot of senseless rambling going on in my comments section(s) that seems to be a never-ending rainfall of words with no base of truth - just suppositions. Stan, I mentioned that Heidi did LITTLE research. That is to say she looked up blue footed birds, and found boobies. All in the matter of 45 seconds.
Heidi, you were right to call BS.
Shana, the chicken was first - Adam was a boob!

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