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Stan said...

I know this - it is a Long Billed Paraguen. Although, much smaller than their cousin the Penquin, they do inhabit a small area of Anartica outside the normal nesting areas of the Penguin. They will occasinally make attmepts to "raid" the nest of the Penguin, using their long beaks to suck the yolk out of the shell. Although, the long bill is used primarily to catch small feed fish. To camoflauge themselves from Killer Whales, which feed heavily on penguins, the Paraguen goes un-noticed by the whale because their blue feet blend in with the color of the water and their white underside appears to be a piece of floating ice when viewed from beneath the surface (whales view). They can fly, however, only in very short durations just enough to escape or to catch up to a school of feed fish. They are a "flock" bird, normally nesting in large groups of thousands, as does the Penguin, once the egg is laid, the male incubates it until it hatches. The female will only lay one egg every five years, thus the concern about their continued existence, especially with the trend of global warming! Hope I win something, that other Blog site gives away prizes for answering trivial quetions!

Heidi said...

Hmmm ...i don't know what it is? but that guy above me is a blue footed Booby, don't listen to him. but maybe this is the answer to the million dallor question...maybe his blue feet keep him from slipping on the ice.

Shana said...

LOL at all of you...wont argue the bull shitter giving away his grandaughters girls scout cookies as prizes to his trivia games...the K-mart gift cert will be a fun adventure...I will send donny looking for K-Mart when he gets his license....hehehe

Stan said...

Why shouldn't I give away girl scout cookies as prizes, I have enough of them to last until the next cookie drive and I have not even been to Anchorage yet, where I know I am going to get attacked -please hurry up and sell out, push those cookies and save "Dutch's" inhieritance, maybe I can sneak into town in the dead of night! The one great thing is that these "cookies" do go well with a cup of hot coco.

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